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Community Partners

We believe we are only as strong as the community around us. This is why we partner with local organizations for everything we do in the community. These are just some of the organizations that help make a difference.

Hands in Service


Hands In Service is a registered Christian nonprofit  organization that fosters alliances among charitable organizations for the purpose of centralizing supplies, talent and resources for disadvantaged communities and to form short-term mission teams focused on evangelism, construction, medical aid and education. 

Sw3at Wellness


SW3AT specializes in holistic health & wellness services, which include yoga/hot yoga, kids! yoga, infrared sauna, salt therapy, reiki therapy,

meditation, massage therapy, stretch sessions and so much more for you to #BeWell

Hudson Partnership CMO


Hudson Partnership CMO uses a wraparound approach to collaborate with youth and their families to define their vision, embrace their strengths, create achievable goals and maintain success in school, at home and in the community.



Deliverance Children’s Ministry, Inc. provides for the advancement of youth and their families by fostering community engagement through academic enrichment, mentorship and career development programs.

Kismet of Kings


Kismet of Kings serves Black and Brown male students ages 11-18 yrs old in Jersey City, New Jersey. The program engages this population, many of whom are from low-income households, in academic and social learning opportunities.



The Coalition for Food and Health Equity builds power within communities through sustainable, community-grown cultures of health. We place hunger within the larger context of racial health equity, working to end hunger, improve health, and advance economic equity within historically marginalized communities. 

Hudson River Athletics


It's not just fitness. It's family.

Scores Reentry


SCORES Reentry was created to address systematic barriers impacting those with incarceration history. With our own individual lived experiences, we understand firsthand the impact that incarceration and addiction has on oneself and family. We provide genuine services, strengthening self esteem and confidence through weekly case management services. Our aim is to help as many individuals and their families as possible, stunt the vicious cycle of poverty and incarceration and streamline consistent services to reduce recidivism.

Anti-Violence Coalition


Our mission is to address the needs of public safety that focuses on community-based violence prevent



Our vision is to reach our youth by engaging in practices that foster success through respect, safety and productive struggle.

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