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The Full Story

About MWJC

At Mysterious Ways JC we specialize in connecting people in need to the resources and organizations that can help them. There is no one organization that can solve every problem, but if we work together, progress can be made. Therefore, we uphold the three key values of: Visibility, Partnership, and Alignment. Visibility, to ensure that those in need of said services are aware of them and have easy access to them. Partnership, because the best way to achieve success is together. Alignment, to ensure that every project we take on aligns with the needs of the communities we are looking to serve.


To develope and support initiatives to improve the construct of our society, one city at a time.


Our Mission



We believe to empower people to heal, grow, and prosper, we must support three vital areas of life:

1) Basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. Before anything else can be addressed in a community it is vital to ensure that each member of the community has secured these basic needs to live.

2)  Education is key to a persons growth. Whether it be through exposure, experiences, or academia, education provides us with the tools needed to get to where we need to go in life.

3) Opportunities are what allow us to use our experience and education to continue to grow and all us to prosper to new heights.

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